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Ethique Gingersnap Face Scrub - Family Review

Ethique Gingersnap Face Scrub - Family Review



Product name


Product purpose

Facial Exfoliator


Brown sugar, white sugar, garcinia indica (kokum) butter, pumice, sodium cocoyl isethionate, bicarbonate of soda, cetyl alcohol, Euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax, stearic acid, ground Zingiber officinale (ginger), ground Cinnamomum zeylanicum (cinnamon)



Product retail price

$22 NZD

Where to buy


Reviewer name, location

Krista, Christchurch

Max, Christchurch

Oscar, Christchurch

Performance reflections

This bar has a beautiful spicy fragrance and feels wonderful to use. It looks and feels as if it will dissolve into nothing within a few uses, but it is surprisingly long-lasting.

This product has a pleasant cinnamon scent and I found that it is effective at clearing skin of pimples. It is rather rough, though, so more sensitive users may not have the same results.

What I like about the Gingersnap Face Scrub is that it has a nice smell. I have sensitive skin due to medication and I found it to be a bit rough and sandpapery.

Rating out of 10 on the “would never buy this again” (1) to “must, must, must have this” (10) scale



3/10 (just because this product does not suit my skin type)

Advice for users

Gingersnap is a physical rather than a chemical exfoliant, so care is recommended when using. Massage gently to avoid damage to the skin. Lovely to use as a body scrub as well.

I would advise potential buyers with sensitive skin to apply this product softly or avoid it altogether.

Not really suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Summary of characteristics of reviewer: gender, generation, hair type/skin type, other pertinent factors

Female, mid 40’s.

Hair: fine, shortish, washed every day, not heat-styled or coloured.

Skin: combination on face, normal on body

Male, age 15

Regular hair/skin type (with occasional dry patches)

Male, 17 years

Hair: short and prone to dry scalp

Skin (face): currently on isotretinoin for acne

Skin (body): normal


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