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Frankie Apothecary Vanilla + Kawakawa Conditioner

Frankie Apothecary Vanilla + Kawakawa Conditioner


Frankie Apothecary

Product name

Vanilla + Kawakawa Conditioning Bar

Product purpose


Performance reflections

This conditioner is simply lovely. I just need a couple of swipes over my wet hair and it's enough. I know the bar is going to last for ages and it's money well spent.

This bar makes my hair feel nice (and not greasy) and my scalp remains happy. It looks good in my bathroom, smells just enough to be nice and not overpowering, and feels firm in my hand during use.

It slips in and out of my slim Block Dock with ease. In the wide Block Dock it's safe and sound, but can also share the space with a second slim bar.

I smile when I see it in the shower in anticipation of its job well done.

Rating out of 10 on the “would never buy this again” (1) to “must, must, must have this” (10) scale


Product retail price

$25 NZD

Where to buy

Advice for users

If you are new to bars, this is a great conditioner for your first try.

Reviewer name, location

Clare, Riverton

Summary of characteristics of reviewer: gender, generation, hair type/skin type, other pertinent factors

Female, Gen X, short fine hair

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