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🎁 Pre Xmas delivery to AUSTRALIA now only by COURIER before 3/12

Totally Balmy All-In-One-Bar Sandalwood and Bergamot - Family Review

Totally Balmy All-In-One-Bar Sandalwood and Bergamot


Totally Balmy

Product name

Sandalwood and Bergamot All in One Soap Bar

Product purpose

Hair, Body, Shave, Face


Olive oil, distilled water, coconut oil, mango butter, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, essential/fragrance oils, mineral mica.



Product retail price


Where to buy


Reviewer name, location

Krista, Christchurch

Max, Christchurch

Oscar, Christchurch

Performance reflections

This is an exquisitely fragranced soap. I tried it as a body soap and found it to effectively cleanse without drying out the skin.

This soap bar has a nice, smooth texture, has a subtle scent and lathers really well.

This soap has a nice, smooth texture and a lovely smell. Even though it is an all-purpose soap bar, I just used it for my body.

Rating out of 10 on the “would never buy this again” (1) to “must, must, must have this” (10) scale




Advice for users

If you value fragrance above all else in a soap bar, then this is definitely worth a try. Normally this product would not have caught my eye (I don’t find the packaging and blue colouring appealing) but I am so glad I tried it. It is delightful.

Worth a try.

This soap is worth a try.

Summary of characteristics of reviewer: gender, generation, hair type/skin type, other pertinent factors

Female, mid 40’s.

Hair: Fine, shortish, washed every day, not heat-styled or coloured. Susceptible to dry, irritated scalp.

Skin: Combination on face, normal on body

Male, age 16

Normal – oily hair, normal – oily skin on face, and shoulders, dry patches inside elbows and knees

Male, 18 years

Hair: short and prone to dry scalp

Skin (face): oily

Skin (body): normal



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