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Gift Sets

 There are some super combos and gift sets in this collection and more to come as Christmas nears, so keep an eye out. Block Docks and Bars are a great gifting option for family and friends or yourself (of course!). There's a fair chance you'll win Christmas with these nifty gifts, not just because of what they deliver your giftee through their lifetime, but also for the good they will do for our planet too.

Coming soon: Some bright new Block Docks with Bars for Kids! If we get our children using bars from a young age, they may never turn to the plastic bottle. What a magnificent difference that will make. 

We have an option for giftwrapping and sending direct to your giftee . Or if you prefer, you can send them a gift card for freedom of choice.

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884 reviews
Best looking soap solution
Great change
Awesome Product!
Small change - big impact.