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Block Dock soap dishes last a lifetime.

As a rule, solid bars last longer than bottled products - and for sure use less water to make them. Depending on the purpose, brand and the age of the bar, the timespan can be 3x or more.

Stored in a Block Dock your bars will last as long as they possibly can. For probably the first time ever, you'll want - and be able - to use the bar right to the very last sliver!

I want you to switch to bars for everything you possibly can because it's all round better for our planet. To help you along I'm offering savings with these Block Dock + Bar Bundles and Multiples. In addition when you pick 6 or more single Block Docks in one order you automatically get 10% off. The only tough thing about that is the choosing!

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Block Dock User Reviews

577 reviews
Brilliant and stylish
Great product
the block dock
Great product
Nice soap holder that doesn't quite fit my favourite soap