Bounty Box Collection – The Block Dock

🪒 We’ve got 20% off Razor Docks in December 🧼

🪒 We’ve got 20% off Razor Docks in December 🧼

Bounty Box Collection

Our ✴️ Bounty Boxes ✴️ are here to make your festive giving a sinch! This year we've made them Pick-Your-Own-Colours too!

Bounty Boxes include:
1x Block Dock Wide
1x Brush Dock for 4
1x Safety Razor Dock too
All put together in our Gift Box, so no extra wrapping for you!

🎅🏼Winning Christmas Gift
🛁Perfect starter-set for any bathroom
✈️A great travel option
👰🏼Wedding gift suitable
🎓Great for family members heading off to Uni
🏡Excellent housewarming present

For each item, the colour you choose is up to you! Just start your order and you'll be guided through.

Total value of the set is $105. We've taken 15% off making them just $89 for you.
Block Dock Wide Block Dock Wide $30.00
Brush Dock for 4 Brush Dock for 4 $35.00
Safety Razor Dock Safety Razor Dock $40.00