Giftbox and Travel Wraps for Block Dock Accessories – The Block Dock

🪒 We’ve got 20% off Razor Docks in December 🧼

🪒 We’ve got 20% off Razor Docks in December 🧼

Giftbox and Wraps

Gift giving?  Good for you. Choosing sustainable gifts gives you points with the Universe!

To package your gift, choose between our printed card Gift Box which holds 3 accessory items or a combination of Docks and bars, or our Felted Wool Wrap which is just lovely. They're handmade in Southland in a variety of tie-dyed patterns and colours.  

Wool Wraps are a great multipurpose item, great for use when travelling. Wool will absorb any leftover moisture.

Eventually after a long life's use the wool wrap can be composted too.

The Block Dock Vertical Soap Dish -  Block Dock Gift Box Gift Boxes & Tins Block Dock Gift Box - Fits 3 Items* $5.00