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✈Free Shipping on NZ & AUS orders over $150

As a woman trying to live sustainably, I’m anxious about plastic in our oceans. I set out to remove bottles from my bathroom. I heard products in plastic are on the rise and in my mind battle lines were drawn.

 My David vs Unilever (et al)’s Goliath!!

I’d had a go at waging this personal war before. Tried using shampoo bars and giving soap another go. Epic fail, more than once, because of my ZERO WASTE NEMESIS:  That ‘humble’ soap dish in all its various sub-par permutations. Tried many, all terrible - suffered mushy soap, caked on scum, product wastage. Sooo over it!! I’d hazard a guess you are too.


I knew the problem wasn’t the actual bars, since NZ has many high quality makers (of literally everything we need). But they were no good to me if I just couldn’t bear the using and cleaning experience.

I thought like a woman and believed like a man that I could solve a problem like no one before me. Google had drawn me a blank. Like a dog with a bone, I’ve now done it. I’ve turned bar and soap storage on its head!!


I call it the Block DockTM (a rhyme to remember) and what matters most to me is THAT YOU USE IT.

Now it’s easy for us ALL to give up the bottle - switch and stay switched - using bars for bathing and beauty (and for the dishes and laundry and pets). And there’s no plastic waste off to landfill, because really: The only way we can be sure it won’t pollute the ocean is for it never to have existed at all!!!

My hope is that it will no longer be seductive for any of us to use Unilever, or anyone else’s, bottles - because everything exists and is better by bar. And with the Block DockTM soap dish your user experience is par-excellence - for any bar you choose, whatever brand, shape or size (just double check the back doesn’t say Unilever😉).

I have to say, I’m pretty happy that a key element of our lifestyles and homes is now straightforwardly zero-waste-do-able.


I promise that your days of soft, soggy, scummy soap are now

GONE FOR GOOD!!! (I feel your relief through the internet). 


Here's what you’ll get for your money:

  • Your bar drains quickly because it is stored vertically. Even before you turn off your shower or tap, any immediate residue has gone down the drain
  • Your bar dries fast because air flow always reaches all sides. No full sides are covered or lying down on the job
  • Your bar can stay away from water spray, using its suction cup for wall mounting
  • Your bar lasts longer because it stays hard and releases less product each use. It’s easier to handle and useable to its very end. You get better value out of every bar.


There’s never been a better time ...... or easier way ...... to amp up your personal commitment to a zero waste bathroom.


In addition to its stellar performance on-the-job, the Block DockTM soap dish also delivers these benefits:
  • You will SAVE MONEY buying fewer bars in your lifetime
  • You will GAIN TIME, our most precious resource. With bottle clutter dispatched and surfaces clear there’s simply LESS MESS to address. The Block DockTM is quick to wipe clean and dry, though it rarely is necessary
  • You will MAKE LESS WASTE and can usually compost or recycle your chosen bar’s packaging. Your Block DockTM comes packaged zero waste too
  • You get many years of soap-saving service. Made in New Zealand in (fully recyclable) Aluminium, powdercoated for durability and colourful good looks. With your good care, cleaning and completely drying about once a week, your Block DockTM will last and last!
  • Spend not a cent more on the ‘eternal quest’ for a soap dish that actually works. I know that road well - with the Block DockTM soap dish I HAVE OFFICIALLY CLOSED IT!!!


If you need more than this to make the switch from single-use plastics to Block DockTM soap dishes and bars, I’m not sure I’ll be able to offer it - other to highlight its stylish good looks within your NOW-POSSIBLE MINIMALIST BATHROOM.

The best thing to do now is to head here and read the reviews for yourself.


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