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Pick 6 or more single block docks and save 10% with the code PICK6

Pick Six and Save 10% with the code PICK6

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Pick six (or more) of your favourite SINGLE Block DockTMs and you'll get 10% off at checkout with the code PICK6. Please enter this code in the box that says "gift card or discount code" then click APPLY.

Duos and bundles are excluded from this offer as they are already discounted.

Like them to be all the same? Styling it up in Black and White? Multi-colour makes you smile? Everyone wants their own colour? A different colour for every kind of bar? So many options!

Whatever your preferred combo, as long as there's stock, mix and match until your heart's content! Just head to the ALL THE BLOCK DOCKS and go for it.

Stock up for yourself or for gift giving. Each one has the potential to reduce a mountain of plastic bottles over a lifetime. 

  • Here's What You Need to Know About Installation and Care [Must Read]

    Each Block DockTM  soap dish comes with a PVC suction cup. The Block DockTM  soap dish stands upright on any flat surface and does its best ‘no-mess’ work when side-mounted on smooth surfaces by suction.

    It WILL adhere to glass, acrylic, vitreous china, steel, most smooth tiles, and mirror. It will NOT adhere to textured tiles, paint and other porous surfaces because the suction cup cannot form the vacuum it needs to work. If your glass has been coated with water stain protectant, it may not suction there either.


    • Locate your Block DockTM soap dish outside of direct water spray to prolong the life of your bar. Use your bar straight onto your wet hair or body. It doesn’t need extra time under water. Excess moisture will drain straight away when your bar is back in the Block DockTM.
    • In basins and sinks it’s a good idea to suction it to the inside the bowl, though outside of the direct spray of the water. This keeps your surfaces clear and lessens cleaning time. Bonus!


    1. Clean the surface you want the Block DockTM soap dish to adhere to (use isopropyl alcohol if water alone  is not enough).
    2. Wet the back of the suction cup with water and press hard on the centre ‘head’ where you want it to stay. 
    3. Slip your Block DockTM over the head, pulling it down to fit tight in the top of the keyhole.
    4. Add your bar and you’re done! 
    • If your suction isn’t strong straight away,  or it stays for a while then falls, leave some time between each of the steps and see.  Overnight is ideal.

    • If your bar is extra long or especially heavy, cut it into pieces for use. If it’s not sitting comfortably at first, angle it with the top towards the back and the bottom towards the front of the Block DockTM.
    • When you want to change the location simply lift the small tag and the suction will break.


    • Suction to the nearest glass surface or stand upright on a shelf.
    • Use the two multipurpose holes in the back of the Block DockTM soap dish to thread a cable tie (best option for a tight fit), stainless wire, twist tie or similar through. Then tie tight around the shower rail or other fixture. 
    • Hang via a shower curtain hook or a loop through the keyhole and around a fitting.
    • Try a 3M wet/dry strip or 3M outdoor tape.
    • If your surface allows it, install with flat-head screws.


    When needed, wipe the Block DockTM clean with your finger while showering. Cloth dry completely from time to time.

    If you have a Shower Dome be sure to give your bars some time in fresh air outside the shower every few days. If your bar has gone soft it needs time out. The Block DockTM soap dish will adhere to the outside of your shower or stand on the flat in a ventilated area. Your bars will last much longer if you do this.


    Your efforts to reduce plastic waste by switching out all your bathing and beauty products in bottles to replacements in solid bars are absolutely worth it. 

    Think of the plastic waste you will save from production and from our oceans and landscapes over your lifetime. It’s A LOT.  All from a simple swap to the Block DockTM.

    Plus there’s all the water that is saved from not using bottled products which are often almost completely filled with it!

    Designed to dry bars fast so they last, the Block DockTM soap dish will deliver more value from every bar you store in it. Saving you money and mess! Buy it once and use it forever. 

    I created the Block DockTM to make switching from bottles to bars easy and rewarding for you (and me) and I’d love to know how you go.  

    Please visit leave a review or share a photo on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram: @theblockdock 

    Here’s to the health of our planet and to never suffering soggy soap again!


  • Shipping & Packaging

    *thank you in advance for your patience with shipping timeframes during Covid-19 lockdown levels*

    Kia ora

    We have a few shipping options for you to choose from at checkout and have kept prices as low as possible. We ship throughout NZ and Australia, and to some international destinations on request. 

    These are the prices for everyday-sized orders:

    Within New Zealand Courier Post Tracked - Urban $5.00 

    Within New Zealand Courier Post Tracked - Rural Delivery $8.90

    We offer free New Zealand shipping for orders $75 and over

    In New Zealand deliveries are made within a few days of your order.


    To Australia (NZ Post International Air Small Parcel Not Tracked) $10.00

    To Australia (NZ Post Courier Tracked) $30.00

    We offer free Australian shipping (NZ Post International Air Small Parcel Not Tracked) for orders $150 and over 

    Standard deliveries to Australia will generally take around 10 working days or so (longer at peak times). Sometimes parcels are inexplicably held by your local AusPost agency, so it pays to check there if you are waiting a longer than anticipated time. Because International Air Small Parcels are not tracked, you'll only get a dispatched notification and not further delivery details. There's a bit of patience needed all round, especially in holiday seasons.

    NZ Post Courier Tracked parcels to Australia have a 2 - 6 day delivery window following confirmation of uplift.

    As an example for other destinations, below are the likely costings but please email me and I'll work out your specific costs.

    USA, Canada, UK, France (NZ Post International Air Small Parcel Not Tracked, order value up to $250NZD, sent at buyer's risk and local customs fees if any are buyer's responsibility) $30.00

    USA, Canada, UK, France (NZ Post Courier Tracked, order value up to $250NZD, sent at buyer's risk and local customs fees if any are buyer's responsibility) $65.00

    If you are from beyond the identified shores, email me and I'll will work out the price for your destination if it's possible.

    If you have a greater than household sized order planned or for some reason you need a different arrangement contact me  


    Like the product, its packaging is simple and sensible.

    After the Stainless Steel Block Dock soap dishes arrive South from our New Zealand manufacturer I engage the services of the crew at Southland disAbility Enterprises to make their final preparations for sale. The team do a great job, and I really love being able to support them in my own small way. Very occasionally something might go awry. In that instance just drop me a note and I'll sort it. Each Stainless Steel Block Dock gets matched with a suction cup, wrapped in paper and packed in an embossed kraft box (no printing). Wherever possible I fit two Block DockTMs in each box. If you need one per box please state in the order notes.

    Aluminium Block DockTMs (the coloured ones) come nude (no wrapping) in the box with a suction cup. The wrapping has no real duty since they have a very hard-wearing surface and won't scratch each other when there's two in a box - which there will be unless requested otherwise in the order notes. If you need them wrapped inside note that too, otherwise everything comes nude.

    The Block DockTM box is designed to cope with some moisture so you can use it as storage for quick trips if you like (bearing in mind it won't stand up to those rigours forever).

    The Block DockTM box(es) come to you in a certified home compostable trackpak sized to suit. Our labels aren't yet compostable unfortunately - so they need to be cut from the trackpak before composting it. We get our bags from R3Pack and they have the icon for Home Compostable AS5810 ABAP20001 on them. They are plastic free and cannot be recycled. If you don't have a home compost system, please can you ask a friend or neighbour who does.

    Only your products will be in your shipment. All other information is on the website and you are welcome to email me with questions and feedback. Your order will be confirmed by email and its shipping info will be notified (tracked in NZ but not tracked in standard shipping for Australia). 

    Our supporting information is easily accessed online so please check it out - before and again after you buy if you need to.

    Why You Should Use Block Docks & Bars [5 Reasons]

    How to Get the Best From Your Block Dock & Bars

    How to use a Shampoo Bar

    Please message or email me with feedback or questions. All is welcomed.

    Thank you for using bars and ordrering Block DockTM soap dishesto store them. I'd love to see your review on our website and a pic of your Block DockTM on location. Please send one here when you're ready.

    Be well, 







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