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Block Dock Bases

The All About That Base, Base is exactly what you need for those places where a flat surface is the only option for storing your soap. 


Both the original and the new look Block Dock (wide and slim sizes) will slide right into the top plate when it is removed from the base. It's easy to adjust the legs of whichever aluminium Block Dock you have to ensure a tight fit. Because your bars will still dry just as fast, they'll last as long as they would in a Block Dock that's suctioned to a surface. The base will require more regular cleaning of the drainage tray. Performance wise, that's the key difference.


The base is made in stainless steel to be heavy enough for stability and accessibility, and is powdercoated in colours to match the Block Dock range. Why not get adventurous and mix and match! The base is 8cm long, 5.5 cm wide and 2.7cm tall at the highest point of the back. It weighs around 120grams.

*Block Dock not included

The Block Dock Vertical Soap Dish -  Block Dock Base Satin Black Block Dock Base
Block Dock Base $40