Brush Docks - Toothbrush Storage Reimagined

Toothbrush cups with crusty bits be GONE! The Block Dock has a sibling and it's pretty awesome too. Easy to use and super good looking, the Brush Dock will lessen your bathroom clutter even more. Options to fit 2 toothbrushes or 4 or 6. Plus a slidey slot for the toothpaste. Access couldn't be easier. Slide in your interdental brushes or hang your tongue cleaner and you are set. If you have an electric toothbrush, you're covered to with the e-Brush Dock companion holder. Fits most modern electric toothbrushes, slimline electric razors and personal groomers, amongst a myriad of other household things.

Enjoy clear surfaces when a Brush Dock lifts your bits and bobs from the benchtops!

*Little Shelfie to hold toothpaste tablets and mouthwash is sold separately.

Brush Dock for 4 Brush Dock for 4 $35.00
Brush Dock for 6 Brush Dock for 6 $40.00
e-Brush Dock for Electric Toothbrushes e-Brush Dock for Electric Toothbrushes $35.00
Brush Dock for 2 Brush Dock for 2 $30.00