Last day for Christmas shipping within NZ is 15/12

Last day for Christmas shipping within NZ is 15/12

Better Bathroom and Shower Accessories

Every soap or shampoo bar stored in a Block Dock shower accessory will dry faster and last longer, leaving no Mush behind!

With this ingenious bathroom accessory, it's easy to make the switch from products in single-use plastic bottles to solid bars.

You'll make less waste, have less mess, and get more washes from every kind of bar.

A Block Dock will pay for itself....

and then save you money.

Shop Block Docks Festive discount on Silver and Rose Gold Block Docks - now just $25

Block Docks are the best way to store bars of every size, shape or purpose - there's an option to fit all brands of bars

See what bars fit which Block Dock Soap Dish

Place your bar at the front of the Block Dock when new. Let it lean to the back as it changes size and shape with use.

Take care of your Docks and they'll more than repay you. Wash them while you shower and dry completely each week or so.

Bathroom Accessories that Make a Difference

"I invented the Block Dock for bars for you and me because I was sick of the good money I spent on shampoo bars turning quickly to mush. Now I've made us a range of handy storage solutions. They'll transform your bathroom, minimise clutter and cleaning jobs, and make your consumables last longer!"

I'm Clare, Maker of the Block Dock for Bars.

Together we can fight against plastic bottle production and the plastic waste and microplastics that follow. Stop buying bottles and commit to using bars for as many products as you can. We've built our shower and bathroom accessories range to help you transition towards a plastic-free lifestyle.


Need Extra Shelf Space?
We understand there may be products you like that only come in bottles. Keep them handy and easy to use with our shelfies.

Razor Docks

Keep your razor and shaving bar high and dry in the Razor Dock. We offer options for safety razor holders and slimmer ones too. Explore these handy shower accessories below.

Brush Docks

Say goodbye to crusty cups and mouldy bamboo handles with the Brush Dock Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder. We even have options for electric toothbrushes!

Shampoo Bars

Using a Shampoo Bar saves, on average, three single-use plastic bottles! In a Block Dock, bars last much longer. Save even more plastic waste by using them!

Shop Shampoo Bars

We stock a wide selection of New Zealand made solid bar types and brands. There are options to suit you.