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With the Block Dock it's easy to ditch single-use plastic bottles and make the switch to solid bars. Every bar will dry faster and last longer. No mush!

Do well by your planet and be rewarded yourself all from one simple decision: choose and use the Block Dock and bars.

Think of the plastic waste you can spare from production - never pollution if never made. Add in the water savings – absent from bars yet largely filling shampoo and liquid soap bottles. Realise your financial savings awaiting - longer lasting bars mean you buy fewer of them. A soap dish that works means less time bathroom cleaning. Saving time, money and mess? A perfect trifecta!

Made well in New Zealand from aluminium, this hardwearing storage solution will deliver years of soap-saving. Whichever brand of bar you buy and for whatever purpose, the Block Dock makes using it better.

Stand your bar at the front of the Dock for maximum stability when new. Let it lean to the back with use.

Ready to never suffer soggy soap again? Get a Block Dock. The question now is “which colour?” 

FREE SHIPPING: NZ $100+ / AUS $150+ Pick 6 single Block Docks, save 10% : Code PICK6

"I love to support local and these are brilliant. I have tried other holders in the past that don’t hold a candle to these. Guaranteed dry every time I go to use my shampoo and conditioner bars. I was hesitant at first due to price but they are worth it - you only need to buy them once!"

Madison,  Auckland


"My soap bars last much longer than any other storage option and The Block Docks stay firmly attached to the shower glass. They are easy to clean with no messy residue and they look great."

Ruth, Takanini

"Great holder. I was a bit hesitant about the price but I’m saving so much soap that it’s completely worth it!"

Nicole, Victoria

"I received my block dock and soap in the mail. It arrived in beautiful boxes and made me realise that it would be a perfect gift for someone. I have two in my shower one for body soap and one for a shampoo bar. My girls have already asked me to get another for their face soap and one for near the sinks. My soap stays dry and easily accessible and the colour is amazing. 10 out of 10"

Kate, Queensland

Give up the plastic bottles

 The only way to be sure plastic won't reach our seas, wildlife, landfills and beaches is for it never to have existed at all. Always choose bars. Nowadays you can find one for nearly everything

Spend less time cleaning

Wall mounted by suction, Block Docks dispatch bottle clutter, end spillage and keep your surfaces clear. You'll clean less often and do it quicker. How will you spend your bonus time?

Made in New Zealand

Born in Riverton and made in Otago, the Block Dock is a Kiwi innovation. Centuries after soap's invention storage has been turned on its head. It's clean and easy to return to bars

Suited to bathrooms

Heardwearing in powdercoated Aluminium. Easy to clean with a finger while you shower. Dry your Block Dock completely each week to keep in tip top condition for a long term soap saving solution

"I really love my Block Docks . Simply the best way to keep soap. I have started using a shampoo soap as well. I love that I don't need to buy plastic bottles anymore"

Annette, Auckland

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Block Dock User Reviews

1091 reviews
Love this!,

Love, love this concept. What a great invention. I make my own soap, and being mostly made with olive oil, it can get soggy if it’s laying in a soap dish. Fast forward....finding this unique BlockDock has kept my soap upright and no more soggy mess. Thank you for a wonderful product, which, by the way, looks very elegant on my shower wall.

Love it

Finally a way to keep my solid shampoo bar dry! I’ve tried a bunch of ways but they always stick out into the shower too much and get knocked off the wall by my tall family. Absolutely delighted with the slimline design. Thanks so much!!

Belting block dock

Great piece of kit holds the shampoo and conditioner soap bars and does what its meant to, soap lasts for ages definitely saves on buying plastic bottles etc.

Handy hooks!

We got one of these as part of a gift package otherwise I might not have looked at it. It’s proved so handy I’ve ordered another for the second bathroom and the caravan.

Great product

These are a great invention and keep my shampoo and conditioner bars drier which means they last longer and there is less mess. I no longer need to remove them after each shower.