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💠 Buy a Block Dock and get 15% off all MiaBelle Bars. Code: MIABELLE 💠 Perfect Partners 💠

💠 Buy a Block Dock and get 15% off all MiaBelle Bars with the code MIABELLE 💠

Every bar stored in a Block Dock will dry faster and last longer. No Mush!

Make less waste, have less mess, and get more value from every bar. The Block Dock pays for itself and then saves your money.


Does What It Says It Will Do

Designed to dry bars fast so they last longer. You get more washes from every bar

Good for People and Planet

Easy and rewarding to give up single use plastic bottles in favour of solid bars

Super Easy 30 Day Returns

Not as expected or chose the wrong accessory? Send it back and we'll refund you

✈ Free Shipping over $150

To Australia or throughout New Zealand, including parcels for rural delivery

Stellar Storage for Every Size, Shape and Brand of Bar

SLIM Block Docks fit bars up to 3cm deep (think Ecostore Soap, Ethique Conditioners, Anihana, Dove, Fair + Square, Nellie's Soaps and market bought bars)

WIDE Block Docks fit bars up to 3.8 cm deep (think Haircare Bars by Ecostore and MiaBelle, Ethique Shampoo and Soap and most everyday bars)

SUPERWIDE Block Docks fit bars up to 5.5 cm deep (think Sabun Soap, SuperHero Bars or Good Cube Shampoo Bars and all other bars)

Not keen on Suction Cups? Try our NEW Nanotape Backings

"I invented this product for you and me because I was sick of the good money I spent on shampoo bars rapidly turning into soggy mush. It seemed dumb to be so dirty while trying to get clean! Now all my bars stay hard and cleaning is quick and easy. Plus I know my choices make a genuine difference for the environment"

Clare Wilson, Block Dock Maker

Quick Start Your Switch From Bottles to Bars with Our Best Selling Bundle

The Block Dock Vertical Soap Dish -  Bottle to Bar Starter Kit Block Dock and Bar Set
Bottle to Bar Starter Kit
Sale price $96 Regular price $70

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the idea of switching from bottles to bars, after all most of us have had a lifetime with our haircare coming in plastic bottles. We all know now that's not good for the planet and it's time to make a solid effort to change.

Our Bottle to Bar starter kit is priced to reward your switch. The Block Docks promise no soggy bars or messy dishes. Bar labels ensure you know which is which. With 2 WIDE Block Docks totaling $60, you get 2 full sized all-hair-types haircare bars for little more! 

If you want to do a swap from suction cups to nanotape, that's possible here.

Prefer different colour Docks? Leave a note in your order and we'll switch if we can!

Say Goodbye to Crusty Cups and Mildewy Bamboo with the Brush Dock Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder

Meet the NEW Razor Dock

Keeps your razor high and dry!


We've curated a Stellar Selection of NZ Made Bar Types and Brands. It's easy to review and compare.

New to Shampoo Bars?

Here's how we use them Need help choosing bars? We've got lots of bar reviews

"Will you join me to switch and stay switched on to bars? Every bottle not made won't ever be pollution. Let's stop plastic bottles at source by not buying them. I'll always help you with useful and sustainable alternative solutions. Together bar-by-bar we'll help the planet too."

I'm in, hope you are too! Cx