Meet the Block Dock Vertical Soap Dish and Shampoo Bar Holder

It may look small and simple, it is! It's also a game-changer. Traditional soap storage with its mushy soap and grimy scum can be sent packing! (And by that we mean re-gifted, re-purposed, re-homed). The Block DockTM  is a New Zealand designed and made vertical soap dish and shampoo bar holder THAT WORKS! No Mush. If you've been thinking about reducing your plastic consumption, the Block DockTM  soap holder makes it easier than ever to #giveupthebottle. You'll stop an enormous amount of plastic waste from being produced over your lifetime by switching from bottles to bars. You'll have the best bar using experience possible with a Block DockTM  soap dish for storage. Here's 5 reasons why...

1. Your bar will dry faster

Thoughtful design means bars drain almost instantly after use, and allows air flow to reach all around the bar hastening drying speed. The Block DockTM ’s nifty size and suction cup makes it easy to locate your bar outside the spray of water. Your bars will last longer, be easier to handle and you'll get better value for the money spent on every bar you ever buy. 

2. You will spend less cleaning the bathroom

Honestly, who doesn’t want this? By switching to Block DockTM  soap dishes and using bars for some or all of your needs you can shed bottle clutter, eliminate spillage and keep surfaces clear. Because your bar drains so quickly, there’s little moisture left to make soap scum. By mounting your Block DockTM  on the wall of the shower, or inside the bath, basin or sink, residue just heads down the plughole with water. 

3. Your Block DockTM  is made to last

We firmly subscribe to buying high quality goods that are designed to perform well and last a long time. Even though it can cost more in the first instance it invariably works out less over time. It's what motivated the creation of a solution that doesn’t just solve today’s mushy soap problems, but tomorrow's as well - so long as you give it some regular TLC buy washing and thoroughly drying it. Fortunately you can do this as part of your regular shower routine. Clean with your finger while taking a shower, and dry with your towel when you're done. Quick and easy. Not every day of course, but once a week is probably best for your Block DockTM  and your bars. 

Our Block DockTM  vertical soap dishes are made in New Zealand from powdercoated aluminium to suit bathroom conditions (resistant to rust with that TLC mentioned and so long as you don't penetrate through the powdercoated surface). If it happens to meet its end for some reason, it is 100% recyclable (sans suction cup or nanotape) and should still hold some real value amongst the waste stream. (This means it would be more likely to be salvaged as scrap metal and make it to a new life).

4. You can stop having to share the soap because of a single soap dish

Built in single soap dishes can be frustrating, so let that annoyance go. You can easily fit several Block DockTM soap dishes in your bathroom, so now it can be each family member to their own. If you like one bar, and someone else likes another, get them all - knowing your money won’t be turning to mush. 

5. Bathing and beauty is better by bar

We don't need more evidence to know that it's time to give up the bottle and reduce the plastic that gets into waste streams and waterways. Or to know that we need to conserve water. As humans considering change in our practices, it helps to know what's in it for us. As well as the harm we won't do to mother nature, the Block DockTM rewards a switch to bars - every use, every day in so many ways. By choosing no-nasties bar you will ditch the chemicals typically in bottles and liquids. You’ll stop paying for products that are mostly (wasted) water, since bars are concentrate goods. Block DockTM soap holders with bars will be better for your health, better for your wallet, better in your bathroom and better for our planet.

Seems like something we all better do.

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