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I always say we are spoiled for choice in New Zealand.

There are many great bar makers at work all over the country lovingly creating excellent bars. A list of my favourite online options is below, but I also recommend checking out your local markets - often you can have a chat with the actual maker. Bar makers are usually good souls.

Of course, not all bars are created equal and not every bar will be a good fit for your hair or skin type. There's no getting around some trial and error (unless you have the luck of all the gods on your side). Don't not start because you have analysis paralysis about finding the perfect bar. Accept it's a process to choose a bar and a process to transition (when you use natural shampoo bars which start by ridding your hair of the build up from chemically laden products) - and get on with it.

One thing though, you should always check the ingredients - since bars can be made of many different ingredients and not all are good. For a wider introduction to choosing and using bars, you can download my free e-book here. 

To get your personal search underway, here is a (randomised) list of my Kiwi favourites: 

Plus one in Australia for our West Island cousins 

These days you can find shampoo bars in most pharmacies, some supermarkets, Farmers and other department stores, Bin Inn and local refilleries. And of course, at your local markets. 

The thing that matters most in all of this is that you get started. Every bottle not bought is one saved from landfill. When you switch to bars for everything you use, you will save A LOT (like a massive lot) of plastic waste in your lifetime. 

If getting started feels a bit hard, take a look at the Sample Sets we now have available.

Once you've selected your bars, you'll want to house them well - so they last as long as is possible and you don't get burdened with mess. That's where the Block DockTM vertical soap dish comes in. It will be the best investment you can make on your journey to a zero waste bathroom, and will pay for itself pretty quick in longer bar life (and so fewer bars are purchased). Check out the range here




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