Need a little helping 🖐🏽? I think we all do!

Use the code LUCKYDAY for $5 off today's order

Need a little helping 🖐🏽? I think we all do!

Use the code LUCKYDAY for $5 off today's order

Kia ora, welcome

I’m Clare and the Block DockTM soap dish is my invention. I made it because, as much as I knew switching to bars really mattered, I simply couldn't stomach the soggy mess that came with them. But I couldn't let myself off the hook either. Can you?

After looking what felt like everywhere for a solution, frustration got the better of me. I decided to do something about it. Like an ear worm, it niggled inside me for months until one morning, a-ha, I got it! The essence of the Block Dock as we now know it was born.

I am a many-years-in imperfect minimalist committed to a low consumption lifestyle. Switching from single use plastic bottles to solid bars is also fully in line with my love for clear surfaces (named Clare for a reason, I think 😆).

I set out to devise a solution that didn't just fix my problem, but could make its way into the world and fix yours too. And one that would encourage, incentivise and reward people who didn't yet realise they should be switching to bars, like you.

Switch and stay switched is the Block Dock's intention. Give up the bottle for good.

Widespread behavioural change is what we are after, a pathway to saving the planet. No more bottle buying from polluting conglomerates. Stop plastic waste at source - don't buy it. Save water with the same action.

No demand = not made = never pollution.

You can probably tell I feel pretty passionate about this.

I get that it's not a simple straight line to solution. Stuff happens. None of us are perfect (certainly not me)! And there's a whole lot of bait-and-switch marketing spin to contend with.

I do think it matters to do what we reasonably can. And to not underestimate the power we yield with each dollar. We can reclaim that power, every day with every spending decision. Often the big actions are stonewalled by politics, personality and masses of misguided money. But you and me? We get to choose what we do. 

Some people believe that bottle-to-bar-substitution is too small an action compared to addressing bigger issues like fossil fuel extraction. It's a false equivalency. Clearly we need to do both and 'all the other things' to have any chance of mitigating the climate emergency. 

In my corner of the battle for good over evil, an army of bar makers are making traction - selling online and at local markets. They make choosing and using bars simple. Pretty much everything you use or desire is waiting for you as a bar, handmade somewhere by someone. The solid bar market is booming, bars are the better choice once again. Led in many ways by Ethique, and by New Zealand's brand darling, ecostore. 

I firmly believe every bar deserves the very best storage, and every user the best bar experience.Whatever its purpose, size, shape or maker, there's a Block Dock to make your bar (and bank account) better. 

The Block Dock is made in Dunedin, New Zealand because that's good for our economy, and good for the carbon footprint too. Orders are picked, packed and dispatched by Southland disAbility Enterprises in Invercargill, where the money we spend makes a difference. I feel pretty good about that. I hope you do too.

What started as a personal frustration put paid to, is on it's way toward bigger and better. To reach there it needs you too. Buy, gift, share, please tell everyone about it. Get them to switch and stay switched (like you) too!

Me and your planet thank you.

Clare Wilson

Block Dock and Bathroom Accessories Maker

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