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Block Dock Wide
K.M. (Auckland, NZ)
Best Product for Soap and Solid Shampoo Bars

I love my block docks, I've bought 5 for myself and other family members. My soap and shampoo bars last longer and are off surfaces. I'm in a tiny home and use block docks in the shower and basin.

Ayrmed Collagen Serum Airless Pump 30ml
Chanel O'Brien (Dunedin, NZ)
Super Serum

This serum brightens and smooths my skin. I no longer need to use expensive moisturiser as this product supports dry skin very well, so I just use this, with more cost-effective moisturiser and sunscreen. So not only does my skin look and feel better I am also reducing my costs. Yay!

Block Dock Slim
Janene C (Nelson, NZ)
Great soap holder

I bought two slim block docks. Love the colours they come in. Easy to stick on and they hold fast. I like the fact you can take them easily off the suction holders to clean.
I love using solid bar soaps and the block dock keeps the soap lovely and dry.
Highly recommend them.

Catches so well

I have curly hair that seems to shed like a cat.... the husband has to regularly go under the house to clean the s trap of the shower - but no more!!! I bought a blue one and it is fantastic - it catches the hair but it just kind of sits on top so clearing it off the catcher is really easy (but it doesn't escape). Really easy to keep clean as well!

Double Goodness

I purchased a white double block holder and was very pleased that the suction hook holds the weight! These are clean and tidy and keeps my blocks nicely dried out - no soggy soap!

Block Dock Wide
Susan (Wellington, NZ)
Good for soap too!

I have switched from bar haircare to powder but still wanted one of these for the soap in the shower. I use relatively small sized handmade soaps and the wide block dock works fine for them. Great to not have a soggy-bottomed soap now. What a brilliant idea these are!

Works well in our small shower

2 people, 2 sets of shampoo and conditioner (because I use dustandglow powder and he doesn't like it!) and not much space in the shower. We had plastic box things that keep falling off. So now a large shelfie holds my dustandglow and his refillable bottles. I love how this shelf looks and how it works. And we have a block dock for the soap. Perfect!

Block Dock Wide
Sam Baker (Tauranga, NZ)
Perfect Soap holder

I wanted a Soap holder that looked nice, not big and plastic. A Soap holder that could fit varying Soap bars, which the block Dock does. Needed a Soap holder due to having 2x children under two that kept grabing the Soap, but now they can't. Just perfect.

Bigger Shelfie for Extra Shower Storage
Sarah W (Invercargill, NZ)
Love It

The bigger shelfie works perfectly for our needs. Fits a soap, small bottle, razor and comb. And feels very sturdy with four suction cups.

I now have three of these in use in the bathroom. Great for hanging odds and ends in the shower.

Handy Hookup
Lauren (Auckland, NZ)
Sturdy solution

Really happy with the hook: it's sturdy and can multiple items.

Simple solution

The shelfie is a simple and elegant solution. It seems well made, and I expect it to last longer than other options that aren't locally made. I don't store two small bottles (shampoo and conditioner) and soap on it, and it feels sturdy and up to the task. Not sure how larger, heavier bottles would fair.

Sistema draining tray

I am currently travelling in Vietnam and my Sistema box and drainer are perfect. It fits all my blocks (and a few other bits), seals tightly, dries the blocks, is light and easy to pack and scoots through airline security. Love it!

Slim Razor Dock
Jillian (Dunedin, NZ)
Well designed

Very handy being able to store a razor with the shaving bar (and having the razor there helps me identify which soap bar it is)

Handy shelfie

My shower's looking so much less cluttered now that I have the shelfie, a hook and soap holder to store everything in. I appreciate the outstanding service & the quality of the product.

Block Dock Wide
Sue Graham (Hamilton, NZ)
Perfect for me

Kia ora, I am totally impressed with your whole setup. I intend to make further purchases in the new year and get rid of all the bathroom plastic.
Our bathroom was built in 1923 so plastic does not fit 😂

Block Dock Wide
R.V. (Hamilton, NZ)
Rose Gold is Rose Pink

My bathroom has rose gold fittings, so I bought rose gold, of course. But it is somewhere between rose pink and clover pink. Very disappointed. Otherwise it seems ok.

Block Dock Slim
Julia (Christchurch, NZ)
So much better

It is so nice to have dry soap to clean our hands with, and since we have it in the sink there is no need to keep emptying the dish like our previous holder. Looks nicer, nicer soap, and less work required. Super product, thank you!

Block Dock Slim
KDC (Perth, AU)
Fantastic quality

A soap holder that actually lasts the distance! Very happy 😃

Block Dock Wide
Lynley Beckingsale (Christchurch, NZ)
Larger dock for everyday soap

Fits larger cakes of soap, no more sloppy mess and soap is definitely lasting longer.

Bottle to Bar Starter Kit
Lynley Beckingsale (Christchurch, NZ)
Block dock starter pack

I finally got organised to buy the starter pack - it is a slow process getting rid of the plastic bottles out of my shower. Not quite there yet but a good start. Docks work well and I don't end up with soggy soap.

Block Dock Wide
K. (Whangarei, NZ)

Perfect in the shower! Makes the switch from plastic bottles to soap and shampoo bars so much easier. Would buy again. Highly recommended.

Block Dock Wide
D.P. (Auckland, NZ)
Love it!

The block dock is everything it should be. It's easy to set on the wall, looks good and is functional. The design allows water and suds to drip down, leaving your soap to dry after each use.

Block Dock Slim
Kate Walker (Auckland, NZ)
Great idea!

Simple, understated and elegant. Best of all it does what it says it will do, hold the soap.

Block Dock Wide
Katie (Auckland, NZ)

Works great for my ethique shampoo bar