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Get a first hand take on how the Block DockTM soap dish delivers on duty.
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Block Dock Slim
Jude Connochie (Saint Albans, NZ)
Love this product

I have 3 in the shower and 1 for the bathroom basin. I noticed from first use how dry the bars are now.

Razor Dock - For Safety Razors
Johanna C Taylor (Arthurs Point, NZ)

Perfect excuse to use soap bars!

Block Dock Wide
Gale (Tauranga, NZ)
Great product

Easy to install, looks great, keeps my bars nice and dry.

Block Dock Wide
Rhiannon Goodwin (Melbourne, AU)
Really happy with this purchase

Thanks for making these!

My go-to face wash

I have been using this face wash for over a year and I love it!
The size is generous and smell is to die for.
My partner and I cut it in half and it takes us both a good few months to use up. Definitely recommend!

Soap saver

These are awesome for keeping the bathroom tidy and managing natural soap products. I use shampoo and conditioner bar as as well as face and body soaps. The Block Docks keep them dry and stop them from falling off the shelf. Great buy

Block Dock Slim
suzanne hain (Melbourne, AU)
Save the earth and money

I am delighted with my purchase of 2 slim block docks. Great for keeping your soaps dry so they last longer. They were recommended to me via the icy creek soap co that make great pure natural soaps. I also like the fact that I’m no longer purchasing plastic bottles.

Block Dock Slim
Hayley Shepperd (Auckland, NZ)
Incredibly useful

I love having these in my bathroom, they look much nicer in the shower than plastic bottles!

Block Dock Slim
Victoria Caines (Wellington, NZ)
Very pleased

I ordered 2 slim block docks To hold my shampoo and conditioner bars, they look great and do what they are meant to!

Bottle to Bar Starter Kit
Alexis Huljich (Auckland, NZ)
Block Dock Holders & Shampoo/Conditioner Bars

100% recommend! The block dock holders are great for keeping my soap out of the water and are firmly held in place with the suction cup! The shampoo/conditioner bars are awesome too and helps with cutting down on single use plastics :)

Razor Dock - For Safety Razors
Sue Dudley (Melbourne, AU)
The Razor Dock for Safety Razers

I love that my Razor Block Dock can hang in the shower, but away from any much better than the old rack hanging over the shower head, which was constantly wet, and the razor kept falling off it. I actually put 2 disposable razors in the Safety Razer dock. It also holds my Conditioning Block, which is great for shaving. It leaves my skin feeling really soft! I would definitely recommend Block Docks and Shampoo/Conditioning bars. They really work, and are sooo much better for our earth/planet 👍

Block Dock Slim
Rowan Simpkin (Melbourne, AU)
Block docks are great

I bought 3 block docks for our renovated bathroom which has lots of glass. The docks fitted on the glass really well and holds the soaps and allows them to dry really efficiently. The docks wouldn’t stay on the tiled walls (terracotta style) but that was fine. I didn’t persevere with the tiles but may try again. The docks are not as cheap as wooden soap racks but should last really well and also stop soap wastage. They look good and are discrete. Highly recommend.

Lovely soaps

Great soaps! Favourite ‘flavour’ is the orange and cinnamon which I’m sad to learn won’t be sold anymore!! Hopefully it will be replaced by something equally delicious:)

Razor Dock - For Slim Razors
Kylie Smith (Auckland, NZ)
3 in 1 awesomeness!!

This is a great product - not only does it hold my razor and a soap, but it holds an extra soap in the front! We will probably buy this model from now on as our primary soap holder - it’s perfect for holding 2 soaps!!

e-Brush Dock
Deborah Walker (Wellington, NZ)
Electric toothbrush holder

Absolutely perfect. Couldn't get any better 🙂


Worked so well. Great product 👏

Block Dock Wide
Sophie R. (Christchurch, NZ)
Awesome product

I finally got myself a second block dock. Now my solid cleaner can live next to my soap within easy reach inside the shower, and I don't have to worry about it melting into a scummy puddle on a dish.

Block Dock Wide
Julie (Melbourne, AU)
Love this product

No more slippery, slimy bars of soap to try and pick up. Block dock keeps the soap nice and dry and they last much longer given there is no waste in the pool of water regular soap holders seem to collect.
Highly recommend for solid bar lovers. :-)

Brush Dock for 2
Camille Wells (Auckland, NZ)
Looks great and very functional

We popped this toothbrush dock onto our bathroom mirror. It looks tidy and classy and it hasn't budged. Love it!

Block Dock Slim
Robin Crawford (Croydon, AU)

A really effective way to keep soap dry and to hand.

Razor Dock - For Safety Razors
Melissa (Wellington, NZ)
Two for the price of one

This is a great piece! Not only have I removed my razor from direct water, but it also takes the blades away from accidental mischief while showering. I love that it holds my body wash bar too. I keep my face exfoliating bar on top, so it's an extra layer of storage.

Great opportunity to sample the soaps

Great variety in these soaps. Nice to join this move to use natural products and move away from plastice

Block Dock Wide
Allison Butcher (Auckland, NZ)
Absolutely brilliant!

I have been faffing around with bars of soap, shampoo and conditioner for some time now and was beginning to give up hope as I was always rescuing them from the shower or they turned to mush. I hate any clutter in my shower, so the fact that these sit neatly above the splash zone and keep our bars dry when not in use is a dream come true. The bonus is that now I am no longer having to put my blocks of soap away to keep them dry, I get to smell their delicious scent every time I walk in the bathroom - bliss!!


Lovely soaps and palm oil free too 😀 fits nicely in our little Block Dock. Feels nice on the skin and work for shaving too. Will buy again

Bottle to Bar Starter Kit
Teresa (Auckland, NZ)
Just what I was looking for

I'm really pleased with my block docks and intend to buy some for gifts as well as more for home use. What had put me off buying shampoo & conditioner blocks previously was not having easy storage for them where they wouldn't get wet and deteriorate. This problem has now been solved thanks to this simple solution and they look great too.