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🪒 We’ve got 20% off Razor Docks in December 🧼

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Get a first hand take on how the Block DockTM  accessories deliver on duty.
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Aleph storage...yay

My aleph range was outta control...all through my bathroom cabinet. I'm a big fan of aleph though and am a big fan of this organisation tray. How good to be able to read the labels! It fits in my draw easily, everything is easy to access and tidy. I love it...very clever Clare! Thank you.

Handy Hookup
Fiona R (Auckland, NZ)
Best hooks ever!

I have these all around the house and they truly are amazing. They're hanging up cloths in the shower, the kids' non-slip mat near the bath, a fly swat and a mini brush n shovel neatly down the side of the fridge... even holding on tight on the inside of the pantry where one keeps a fire blanket tucked handily away in case of kitchen emergencies. I honestly can't recommend these enough. They suction on firmly, yet come off cleanly if you want to move them. Endless uses!

BLOCK Shaving Bar
Naomi (Auckland, NZ)
Works well with no dry legs

Doesn't lather but works well, and I've noticed my legs don't dry out like they do with my moisturising soap

Little Shelfie
Michelle P (Lower Hutt, NZ)
Little Shelfie Teal

Very happy with my little shelfie! Works perfectly in the bathroom. Currently using it to store toothpaste etc. Its versatile so if I decide I want to use it for something else, or somewhere else I can. Easy to asssemble and put up. Love the teal colour too - just adds a nice splash of colour to the bathroom.

BLOCK Shaving Bar
Gina Morris (Melbourne, AU)
Block on

These are a game changer
Separate ones for shampooing and conditioning bars for the kids, and the razor and bar block for myself
Ten stars if I could

Top Dock
Vanessa Bentley (Sydney, AU)
Fab - I just love it

So steamlined and simple, amazing suction and great design. I absolutely love it

Block Dock Wide
Emma Mooney (Whangarei, NZ)
Block dock

I love my wide block dock. It's perfect in the shower. So I bought another one in a different colour and also some mini bars to try them out. Claire went out of her way to help me chose the right thing

Bottle to Bar Starter Kit
joanna (Melbourne, AU)

Excellent product. No more soggy bars. Really like the shampoo and conditioner bars too.

Block Dock Wide
Julia Hennessy (Napier City, NZ)
Perfect and useful

Love my block docks. Have bought three so far. Easy to use, simple to clean and look great.

Block Dock Wide
Shannon (Christchurch, NZ)
Awesome product!

I absolutely love my block docks! They do a great job at preserving soap/shampoo bars and there is nothing on the market like them. They are worth every dollar!

Slim Razor Dock
Trish Grey (Auckland, NZ)
Great idea

Holds the razor perfectly! We have our washing soap in behind but I purchased another soap holder so that after I convince the hubby to use shaver soap instead of shaving cream cans we will use it for that. Awesome product!

Little Shelfie
Trish Grey (Auckland, NZ)
Holds well

Great shelf that holds quite a bit. Gets things out of the ‘wet’ zone so they are nice and dry but very accessible.

Block Dock Wide
Carrie (Queenstown, NZ)
Fewer plastic bottles in the shower

I’m just getting into soap blocks and love my block dock. I never previously used soap blocks as they got soggy but that problem has been solved. Happy to be reducing my plastic waste and will slowly add more block docks to my set up.

Block Dock Wide
Melissa (Hamilton, NZ)
Awesome product

Great suction, stops soap bars going soggy. Would definitely recommend 👍.

Block Dock Wide
R Taylor (Christchurch, NZ)

I love the look and functionality of this little item in my shower. I feel like it truly works well. No more soap scum in the shower caddy!
I will be buying one for my son. Oh and delivery was quick.
Thanks Rose

Block Dock Wide
Mo Rush (Auckland, NZ)
Awesome product

I hate having too much “stuff” in the shower so when I saw these I knew I had to try. So much nicer than the old school soap trays - soap doesn’t go slimy and no gunk to clean off the tray! They’re so great I bought some for my mum too.

Little Shelfie
Patricia Hennah (Auckland, NZ)
Little shelfie review

I purchased the little shelfie and a couple of blockdocks to use in my new house which is in the early stages of being built, so not actually using them yet. They look to be really well made and sturdy, and absolutely perfect for what i want them for. Thanks Blockdock!!

Great idea

We are still working our way through trying all the samples in this, but it is a very clever way to try out a few different solid shampoos to see what works best for you. Definitely worth a try.

Brush Dock for 2
S.L. (Christchurch, NZ)

Installed today, toothbrushes sit really nicely. The toothpaste slips out slowly and falls on the shower floor which is annoying

Hey Siobhan, there's an easy fix! Just squeeze the toothpaste up to the top half of the tube so that the contents is above the V of the Brush Dock. As you use up the tube you can also fold the bottom up so it all tucks in a bit tidier too. Give it a go and let me know how you go at

Great for your Aleph make up.

Love this tray for my make up and brushes from Aleph. It fits in my bathroom draw or on my bench near the mirror.

Block Dock Wide
Steven Ross (Cambridge, NZ)
Wrong size

I brought the large which is the middle size of the 3 and it's way to big for a normal size bar of soap

Block Dock Wide
Marlene Pope (Christchurch, NZ)
Block Docks

Brilliant, wrapt with these, makes using shampoo and conditioner bars easy as and they look great. Clever design a quality product.
Have purchased as gifts for friends who love them too.
Keep up the good work.

Block Dock Slim
Jenny (Wellington, NZ)
Very happy with my purchase

I bought 2 block docks for the shower, 1 for soap and 1 for shampoo. The block docks work perfectly on the shower tiles. Thanks Clare

Handy Hookup
Deidre Leith (Wellington, NZ)
So handy

I have these hooks in my shower. They are great for wash cloths , squiggly and also my cleaning mitt. I also fine it very useful for my konjac sponge.


I really like having this in my kitchen. I always have a place to put my reusable cloths.