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Brush Dock for 4
Arnica (Auckland, NZ)
Great space saver and tidier with kids

We love this tooth brush dock. No more brushes lying around next to the basin or getting manky in a cup holder. This keeps them clean and dry, its so hygienic, and the kids like it too

Slim Razor Dock
Arnica (Auckland, NZ)
Super handy

This is a great product to have in the shower for women, really easy to grab your razor and soap bar

Block Dock Base
Nicola (Levin, NZ)
Block Dock Base

I only really like to review items when I love them, but I guess this may help the decision making process for someone else. I was actually a little disappointed by the base. I LOVE the other block dock items I have purchased, but I found this one quite pricey for just a base, and then I kinda wished it was heavier and elevated. I have ended up using it on top of a wooden soap holder as this provides a larger base area and holds it up off of the vanity so that it doesn't end up sitting in water as it otherwise would due to water ending up around it when removing and replacing the soap for use. I can definitley recommend many of the other products, and no doubt others will be prefectly happy with just didn't really live up to my own expectations.

Awesome product

Very happy with purchase of my block docks.

Love that I can put them at different heights, and they look stylish and so much better than sitting in a plastic soap holder. My Ethique bars don't get soggy so will last longer.

Double Hook [NEW]
Fionnuala (Christchurch, NZ)

Very stylish looking and super practical.

Safety Razor Dock
Denise Ward (Christchurch, NZ)
Razor Dock

An amazing invention! Although I needed to reinvest in razors as his was slipping out of its station !!

Brush Dock for 2
Perfect for caravan life!

Great product for caravaning, space saver and it looks very nice! Also very happy to support local & eco friendly business :)
Would Definitely recommend it

GREAT way to de-clutter a bathroom

Wasn’t sure what to expect but I am over the moon. Our little bathroom for 4 was so messy with holders and containers to store all the toothbrushing essentials. Now, just 2 blocks on the wall and so much more surface space. Neat, pretty, simplistic and perfect! Great customer support from Clare too!

Block Dock Slim
EMC (Tauranga, NZ)

Great little attachment for the shower in the Airbnb to hold the small gift soap for my guests. Easy to clean and I did not need to put any holes in the shower

Suuuper handy

I can't believe I used to fit my shampoo, conditioner and body soap into one super wide block dock. Now I have the double dock for my shampoo & conditioner! It hasn't fallen off the wall and I love the separation. Yay!

Brush Dock for 4
Roberta (Christchurch, NZ)
Love my brush dock!

I bought this product to stick to our mirror in the bathroom, so that our toothbrushes were lifted off the wash basin area. Its perfect for what we need. Its really strong, easily holding 4 toothbrushes and the toothpaste, doesn't stick out and looks great! Thank you

Brush Dock for 4
Ingrid R (Wellington, NZ)
Space saver & no gunky container!

Love the brush dock, Saves space by the sink & no need for a messy cup that ends up with gunk in the bottom, win win!

Block Dock Wide
Caroline D (Melbourne, AU)
Great idea

Love the block dock. Stops my shampoo bars becoming a soggy mess. Looks good on the shower screen glass.

Raving razors

We have four little ones in our family.and l have been looking for something to keep the sharp razors safely ouy of the way, but still easily accessible. This product fits my criteria. It is currently stuck to our shower wall, and being the innovating type my husband figured out how to fit both our razors.
Apart from the above, this dock also confirmed for my husbband the benefits of using a shaving bar rather than tinned shaving foam. I am stoked!

Block dock 6

We are a family of six. This brilliant little addition to our bathroom means less clutter on the countertop; no mouldy water in a cup; more independence for the little ones, because they can reach their toothbrushes themselves. Love the fact that this dock will remain functional as they get older (all six and under now).
Very practical and durable, and suitable for a larger family. Thank you, it's what l have been searching for.

Block Dock Wide
Julie Quinn (Christchurch, NZ)
Awesome product

I'm very happy with my block dock. My bar fits in it nicely, stays dry and I love all the colours. The delivery was super fast, it arrived 1 day after I bought it.

Double Hook [NEW]
Amanda Plimmer (Palmerston North, NZ)
Double hook

Good simple solution for shower wall hook
Used a small packer to firm in place
The hook is not very deep .
I really prefer shiny chrome finish in general but the silver was very smart.
One side wet items like wet toys other side dry items like dressing gown

Block Dock Wide
K. (Brisbane, AU)
Great Little Addition

sleek design, exactly what I wanted to get rid of the soap residue!

Brush Dock for 4
Anna Cooper (Auckland, NZ)
Handy storage

Such a handy little invention. Way better than using a cup that gets scummy in the bottom with toothpaste and it stuck on to our tiles easily. The kids enjoy hanging their brushes up and bonus that it holds the toothpaste too

Great for work lockers

The draining tray has been brilliant to put in my work locker. Now I can use my solid shampoo and conditioner bars after a gym session and leave them to dry out completely between use. No more mess inside a small space.

Block Dock Slim
K.T. (Canberra, AU)
Just so easy

Making the switch to shampoo and conditioner bars hasn’t been easy… the mush and waste at the end of the bar after being on a normal soap holder was frustrating.

The Block Dock has been a game changer!

Dear Heart Shampoo Bar - Turkish Delight
Penny Gooch (Hamilton, NZ)
Gorgeous shampoo

I have been trying out a few of the different shampoos from Block Dock and I think this is my favourite. I love the uplifting rose fragrance and the texture of the shampoo. It leathers well so I don't need much to wash my hair and I can go a day between shampoos, which I can't with bottled shampoo. The tin it comes in is great for travelling too. Highly recommend. Great service from Block Dock too!

Double Hook [NEW]
Caroline Andrews (Christchurch, NZ)
Double hook, double handy!

This slipped easily over the side glass wall of the shower. I chose silver as it matches the metal ware, and therefore doesn't stand out.
I put this in the guest bathroom for extra towel hanging area as i didn't think the heated towel rail would cope with the extras i had stay over the holidays. Worked a treat.

Bigger Shelfie for Extra Shower Storage
Alison Cane (Auckland, NZ)
Well designed and beautifully engineered

This little shelf is as pretty as it is useful. The large sucker cups supplied easily hold this securely to the smooth shower wall, though if you want more security you can get sticky patches too. It easily hold the soap and shampoo bottle belonging to my boarder.

Block Dock Wide
Kylie (Auckland, NZ)
Brilliant product! AAA+++

Amazing product! I had recently changed to shampoo and conditioner bars but the they were going all soft and squishy in the soap dish. I brought 2 of these and I am so happy with them! The bars dry out and they last longer now. The docks stick well, no issues with them falling off and they look super slick too! Highly recommend this product!