🌈 Save a pot of gold and get a RAINBOW! Our Rainbow Set is now $144 for 7 colourful Block Docks! Save $66 🌈 SALE ENDS 31 JANUARY 🌈

🌈 Save a pot of gold and get a RAINBOW! Now $144 for 7 colourful Block Docks! Save $66🌈 SALE ENDS 31🌈

Here's what our customers say...

Get a first hand take on how the Block DockTM soap dish delivers on duty.
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Block Dock Wide
Shona Yang (Auckland, NZ)

I like Block Dock because of their business intention for trying to lesson the plastic use. I needed a soap dish but I could easily get one from the two dollar shop for a lot less price. But I paid for the good intention, not for the actual physical item. Everytime I take shower, I'll look at it, and I'll feel good about it.

And most of all, I ordered my item only a few days before the Chirstmas day. And it arrived before the Christmas. I didn't expect it, and it was for myself so it didn't matter. But when I got it, I realised how the company diligently checked their orders, and hastened the sending to make the best effort to arrive before Christmas while all the other businesses sent out their cut off dates for online orders. So thank you, it was a nice surprise and it made my Christmas a little more merrier.

Brush Dock for 2
Vicki Bugg (Auckland, NZ)
Don't buy

Absolutely useless. Didn't stick to tile or painted wall, only stuck to actual vanity top (lying flat so un-useable). Also could have tried screwing through holes but didn't seem to hold the toothpaste stable. Not for me.

Hi Vicki It looks like you missed reading the installation info in the product listing. We explain that suction cups won't stick to textured tiles or paint (they work by vacuum and texture disallows that). We do suggest choosing nanotape instead have those surfaces. We're happy to mail you some nanotape - simply email me at and let me know if you'd like it. It will certainly stick to your paint and twist off if you want to remove it. Once your Brush Dock is hung in place, I'm sure you'll find it super useful. We have a 30 day easy returns policy if you prefer to return it. Cheers Clare

Block Dock Wide
Sandi Black (Auckland, NZ)
Saves on plastic and space

These docks are great! They stick securely to the wall, and are compact in design to help save on space in the shower - no more annoying shelves sticking out. They're great for saving on plastic too as they hold a range of bar shapes and sizes. We've got three different brands and shapes at the moment (shampoo, conditioner, and soap) and each is held securely and dries quickly after use. Brilliant! I love them!

Brush Dock for 2
Sara (Perth, AU)
Love it!

Super easy to pop in the shower. My toothbrush is always where I need it now!

Block Dock Slim
Tania McLachlan (Lincoln, NZ)
Block dock

Really innovative product - no more slimey soap !!
And lovely purple colour thanks

Bottle to Bar Starter Kit
Michelle Sheppard (Belrose, AU)
The best idea

Oh what a great idea! Thank you. You have enabled me to ditch the plastic bottles for shampoo, conditioner and facial cleanser. And such quality. I love them so much I have bought them for all my kids too. Thank you for a great idea carried out elegantly.

Great product!

Perfect for his and hers soaps........ with no gloopy mess!
Very quick delivery too!

Block Dock Wide
Stuart Cushing (Christchurch, NZ)
Block Dock

Basic product at a very high price . Feel a bit mugged off to be honest .

Hi Stuart We are very clear in describing what you get with a Block Dock - materials, size, weight and functionality. We're also clear that it is made in NZ so if your expectations are based on mass produced alternatives, we're never going to be able to meet them. That said, we have a 30 day easy returns policy which you can choose to avail. Or you may discover the savings you'll make in longer lasting bars (and buying fewer of them) by giving the Block Dock some time to evidence what it will do for you. Cheers Clare

Razor Dock - For Safety Razor
Tanya (Wellington, NZ)

Works perfectly. Can also fit the safety razor through the holes, and have it sit horizontally!

Travel Bar Container
Karrie G. (Sydney, AU)
Great soap dish

Huge soap dish, well designed. Would be good to have smaller versions too, particularly for travel

I love the Double Block Dock

The double dock is so handy and it's not too bulky in the shower either. I love that the block dock is not made of plastic, so its durable. it's really worth the investment. The two sample size bars are a treat. I have not used them yet, but they smell lovely. Shipping and delivery are very quick too.

Block Dock Wide
Katherine (Carterton, NZ)
Form and Function

I bought a couple of wide block docks and they are fantastic. They look cute and they keep the soap from getting all soggy. Great products and excellent service. Thank you.

Brush Dock for 2
Edna Connolly (Auckland, NZ)

Have had my Block 2 for at least a month now and really love it. My husband says its a lot better and cleaner than the Tumbler I had our brushes in. So easy to keep clean . Would recommend them to anyone who is thinking of buying 1.

So handy!

I love the block docks. I use ethique shampoo and conditioner and it fits perfectly into the docks. They are well draining and stay on the wall, just what I needed. Thanks!

Shaving soap

This is a new concept for us so we are finding that the shaving soap doesn’t seem to lather up much BUT still works well.

We have this double one in the shower and it’s really good as we can position it where we actually want it !! No messy drips anymore

Awesome selection

Great selection of colours, easy to use and stays on strong - perfect as I use soap bars for everything.

Great product

Keeps the bars dry, however I suggest it would be even better if the suction holder was slightly larger as my dock moves with the weight of the shampoo and conditioner bars

Razor Dock - For Safety Razor
Georgina Nawrocki (Lower Hutt, NZ)
Amazing storage solution

I am so pleased with my block dock for my safety razor! Up until now it was sitting awkwardly on a shelf in the shower and with two kids that wasn't ideal. This way I know it's secure and out of the way yet easy to get when I actually have the time to shave my legs!

Block Dock Wide
Bonnie (Ashburton, NZ)
As always, a really fine product

What can I say - every member of my family has block docks.

Hoiho! Yellow-Eyed Penguin Fundraiser Set

I bought this after seeing the write up on Clare and the company.
Awesome idea, it does what it says. So glad I did this.

Block Dock Wide
Bridget S (Christchurch, NZ)
Block Dock Wide

Extremely happy with my purchase, love the colour and everything about it, my soaps thank me for it and so does my wallet.
Fantastic service and great communication.
Thank you.

Dear ♥️ Bar

Lovely smelling soap and loved the way the heart appeared overtime. Quite a large bar to start off with easier to use once it got smaller and sharp edges rounded off.
Beautiful packaging.

Bottle to Bar Starter Kit
K.U. (Los Alamos, US)
Great product, value could be improved

I love this concept. I would love the whole country and the whole western world to switch from plastic bottles to these. Unfortunately the price is cost prohibitive for most. It seems the company is satisfied to keep this as a luxury item which makes me question your interests in making a significant impact in reducing plastic in our environment. Only for the wealthy. Would love to see a change.

Block Dock Wide
Lucy Rosser (Sydney, AU)
Great product

Highly recommend, sticks to the wall great, losing so much less soap now it's not sitting in a dish that holds water. I've been looking for a product like this for years, I will be buying more for myself and as birthday presents for family this year for sure!