The Block Dock—Your Bar Soap Holder

Say goodbye to soggy soaps and mushy bars with The Block Dock, your bar soap holder solution. Our soap dock keeps your soap high and dry, extending the life of your bar. Perfect for the shower, sink, or kitchen, you can choose from several colours and styles to match any decor. Save money and reduce waste by switching to The Block Dock soap holder—the perfect addition to any zero-waste lifestyle!

    Block Dock Wide Block Dock Wide $30.00
    Block Dock Slim Block Dock Slim $30.00
    Block Dock SuperWide Block Dock SuperWide $35.00
    Block Dock Base Block Dock Base $40.00

    The Soap Dock is a Must-Have for Any Eco-Warrior!

    Block Docks are made here in New Zealand with powder-coated aluminium to be hardwearing and long-lasting. With good care, you will enjoy many years of its soap-saving service with less bathroom cleaning to do! Take a look at what bars fit which block docks here. Here are a few of the benefits you'll enjoy by hanging a soap dock in your bathroom or kitchen:

    Get More Out of Every Bar

    Don't let your favourite new soap wash away into a mushy mess by leaving it on the sink. Our bar soap holders' vertical and vented design ensures water drains quickly, preventing your soap from dissolving away. Get the most out of your next bar by placing it in a soap dock.

    Eliminate Plastic from Your Bathroom

    Our beloved bottled shampoos and soaps can be hard to part with, but the soap dock will help make that transition easier. Many people resist switching to bar products due to the mess and perceived hassle of storing them. With our bar soap holder, all that hassle simply washes away.

    Designed to Last a Lifetime

    The powder-coated aluminium means you won't be replacing your soap dock anytime soon! The powder coating also makes them resistant to rust and water damage. For a soap holder that lasts, and won't end up in a landfill, browse our soap docks online today.