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🤍 Aucklanders, your shipping is FREE 🤍 LAST FEW DAYS!

🤍 Aucklanders, your shipping is FREE 🤍 LAST FEW DAYS!

Kia ora, hello and welcome to Block DockTM ownership. Your life is about to be better by bar!

This nifty vertical soap dish is designed and made in New Zealand. It will dry your bar fast, so it lasts longer, stays solid and is pleasant to use. Whether you use bars for hair, face, hands, or body (hopefully for all), you will get more value from every bar ever stored in it. 

In time the Block DockTM will start saving you money because you will ultimately buy fewer bars. For committed bar users, it is more expensive NOT to have a Block DockTM than to invest in one. 



Each Block DockTM vertical soap dish and shampoo bar holder is made from aluminium which is powder coated for durability. A suction cup for mounting is included. The Block DockTM is available in a range of colours.

The Block DockTM fits all shapes, sizes and brands of bars, and bars for every purpose.  The shortest side of the bar can be up to 3.8cm deep for the wide Block Dock, 2.5cm deep for the slim Block Dock. Slimmer bars store well in the wide Bock Dock too.

When new all bars should be placed to the front of the Block DockTM. As they change size and shape with use, manually adjust the distribution of their weight within the Block DockTM for ongoing stable storage.

The Block DockTM soap dish does its best ‘no-mess’ work when side-mounted to smooth surfaces where residue can run to a drain. It is perfect for shower walls and the insides of baths, basins and sinks, including oval and round shaped ones.

The suction cup WILL adhere to glass, mirror, vitreous china, steel, acrylic, and most smooth tiles.

The suction cup will NOT adhere to textured tiles, paint, and other porous surfaces because it cannot form the vacuum needed to work.

If your glass has been coated with water stain protectant, it may not suction there either. If nothing has successfully suctioned to your surface before it will be the same for our suction cups.

We now have an alternate option in the form of nanotape backings. Super sticky both sides, they adhere to the accessories and then also to the surface you want to attach your item too. Every accessory product listing has a link on how to make the switch.

Please give due consideration to whether your surfaces are suitable for any of the Block DockTM installation options and do not proceed if you perceive any risk.


  • Locate your Block DockTM soap dish outside of direct water spray to prolong the life of your bar. Use your shampoo, conditioner, or soap bar straight onto your wet hair or body. It does not need extra time under water. Put your bar back into the Block DockTM when you are done.
  • The Block DockTM is designed to allow air flow around all sides which enables your bar to dry fast and last. When your bar stays solid you won’t lose your money to mush!
  • In basins and sinks it is a good idea to suction the Block DockTM to the inside the bowl and outside the fall of the tap water. In the bath it should be placed above the water level. This approach allows you to keep your surfaces clear and lessens cleaning time - because any residue drains directly away to a drain. Bonus! 


  1. Clean the suction cup and the surface you want the Block DockTM soap dish to adhere to. Use isopropyl alcohol if needed and it is suitable for your surface.
  2. Thoroughly wet the back of the suction cup with water and place it in your desired location. Press hard on the head where you want it to stay. Check the whole of the suction cup is flat against your surface and stays put. Give it some time to be sure it has adhered.
  3. Slip your Block DockTM over the head of the suction cup, pulling it down to fit tight in the top of the keyhole on the back face of the Dock.
  4. Add any shampoo, conditioner, or soap bar.
    • If your bar feels a little tight when new, gently pinch the legs of the Block DockTM together to give the bar a boost up. 
    • When new, bars should be placed ard against the front of the Block DockTM
    • As bars change their shape and weight from time to time, you may need to adjust their placement. You can also adjust the Block DockTM from side to side to achieve balance.
    • If your bar is not sitting comfortably, angle it with the top towards the back of the Block DockTM and the bottom towards the front.
    • When your bar becomes small, begin to store it horizontally or lightly press it to the inner side of the soap dish. Use it in the flat of your hand until the last sliver disappears or attach it to your next bar while both bars are wet to avoid any wastage.
    • If your bar is extra-wide, extra-long or especially heavy, cut it into pieces for use or choose yourself a SuperWide Block Dock which is built for big bars. 
    • When you want to change the location of your Block DockTM soap dish simply lift the small tag on the suction cup and the suction will break.


    • Give your suction cup a short soak in a cup of very hot water. Then follow the installation steps again, leaving time between each step.
    • Use the two multipurpose holes in the back of the Block DockTM soap dish to thread a cable tie (the best option for a tight fit), stainless wire, twist tie or similar through. Then tie tight around the shower rail or other fixture.

    • Try a CommandTM brand water resistant strips or ScotchTM brand outdoor mounting tape on the back of the Block DockTM. Always check if suitable for your surface before using.
    • If your surface allows it, install with flat-head screws.


    Wipe the Block DockTM soap dish clean with your finger while showering and then dry it completely. To keep it in tip top condition, clean weekly.

    Your suction cup will also benefit from a regular clean. Soap residue on its back is best cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. In time the suction cup may need to be replaced if it begins to deteriorate.

    With your good care the Block DockTM will give you many years of soap-saving service.

    Take care not to scratch or penetrate the powder coating, and never put the Block DockTM in a dishwasher as these actions will reduce its lifespan.

    If you have a Shower Dome® Shower Top or similar, be sure to give your bars some time in fresh air every few days. If your bar has gone soft, it needs time outside the shower. The Block DockTM will adhere to the outside of your glass or acrylic shower or stand on the flat in a ventilated area.


    Your efforts to reduce plastic waste by ditching products in bottles and switching to replacements in solid bars for all your handwashing, haircare, bathing, and beauty needs are absolutely worth it.

    Think of the plastic bottles that will not be produced, and the fossil fuels not used up in that process. Think of the plastic waste saved from oceans and waterways, and the microplastics saved from littering our landscapes.
      Consider the volume of water savings, since bottles of liquid soap and shampoo are largely full of it, while a bar is concentrated goodness activated with water you are already using.

        Now clean and easy to achieve with the Block DockTM, making the simple swap from products in plastic bottles to replacements in solid bars will contribute to positive environmental change.

        Consider your own product use over a lifetime, then multiply that volume by everyone participating in this 'better by bar' movement. Who will you help to join?

          Designed to dry bars fast so they last, the Block DockTM soap dish will deliver more value from every bar you store in it, so over time you will buy fewer bars. It will save you both money and mess, with less time spent on bathroom cleaning too - because there are no soggy bars or messy dishes.
            Being small in scale, it is easy to fit multiples in your shower. Everyone can have their own bar, for everything, and no longer will you need to share your favourite soap. You can joyfully buy bars at markets and from soap makers in your community safe in the knowledge that your Block DockTM soap dish will keep them in good shape for use.
              Well designed and with a hardwearing finish, the Block DockTM soap dish (without the suction cup) is 100% recyclable at end of life. Being made from aluminium, it can be generally expected to hold value should it enter the waste stream.

                I created the Block DockTM vertical soap dish and shampoo bar holder to make switching from bottles to bars easy and rewarding for you (and me) and I would love to know how you go using it. 

                Please leave a review or share a photo on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram: @theblockdock

                I welcome your thoughts directly at

                Here’s to the health of our planet and to never suffering soggy soap again!

                Clare Wilson

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