10% off every SILVER accessory | Free NZ/AUS Shipping on orders over $150 NZD

10% off every SILVER accessory | Free NZ/AUS Shipping on orders over $150 NZD

If you want to choose a Block Dock that will fit *most* bars, your best best is the WIDE option - our widest range of colours is made in that size too.

If you like to keep your hand soap inside the basin or sink (we do! It's transformational) then your best choice is SLIM for that function as it will take up the least room. Most supermarket soaps will fit in in a SLIM.

If you enjoy a big chunky bar, then SUPERWIDE is your answer. It will hold every smaller sized bar very happily too!

Here's a list of the various brands of bars and the sizes of Block Dock they are a natural fit for. Depth=the shortest side of any bar

SLIM Block Docks fit bars up to 3cm deep: Think Ecostore Soap, Ethique Conditioners, Anihana, Dove, Fair + Square, Nellie's Soaps, Soul Bars, Everblue, Palmolive, Garnier, Only Good hair bars and most supermarket-sold soaps and shampoos.

WIDE Block Docks fit bars up to 3.8 cm deep: Think Haircare Bars by Ecostore, MiaBelle, Nectar and Ama Balm (shampoos and conditioners), Ethique Shampoo and their soap bars, Dear Heart Shampoo, Conditioner and Soap, Aveda Shampoo, Sunlight soap and most everyday bars except the big and chunky ones.

SUPERWIDE Block Docks fit bars up to 5.5 cm deep: Think SuperHero Bars, Sabun Soap, Over&Over Soap, Neste Dante, Good Cube Shampoo Bars and likely all other bars. Superwide is your go-to if you like all bases covered for the future.

TOP DOCK fits items up to 11.2cm deep, 6cm wide and 4cm tall (think dishwash bars, handwashing soap (like ecostore), goldilocks and small scrubbers). This dock hangs under cupboards and shelves.

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If you use other brands that should be on this list let me know 🤩

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