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NEW - Slims, Bases, Brights
& Wraps!

New - Slims, Bases, Brights & Wraps!


You know what's always handy? A hook! And there's one to match your Block Docks! Your bathroom gets more good looking by the day! Match a hook (and a suction cu)p and what do you get? A Hookup!

Measuring 6cm wide, 4.5cm high and 2.5cm deep and attaching by suction to smooth non porous surfaces, this little cutie is here to get the job done. Available in all the Block Dock core colours. Click on the Hookup below to shop options.

Silver Hookup to hang your acccessories. Perfect match for the Block Dock
Hookup $10
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Block Dock User Reviews

1005 reviews
I love my block dock!
Hi Sellwood Sellwood Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Maybe you missed seeing the dimensions in the product listing on the website? Your normal bar of soap will stay in the Block Dock just fine if you stand it against the front of the Dock when new. As it gets smaller and changes shape with use, simply lean it to the back, keeping the bottom of the soap toward the front face. There's plenty of space inside the Dock for rearranging the bar's position as needed to keep it happily settled to the very end of its use. You might be interested to have a read of the installation and care information which is in the listing and also in the footer of the website :-). Keen to see you getting the full enjoyment of life with a Block Dock.
A fantastic product (and cleaning-saver)
Im a block dock convertee