Benefits of Bar Soap and Why You Should Be Using It

Bar soap by The Block Dock

Five Reasons You Should Be Using Bar Soap

There’s always been a divide when it comes to soap. If your bathroom growing up was stocked with body wash and shower gel instead of bars, you’ve likely never given bar soap a fair chance. But the humble soap bar offers many benefits that its liquid counterparts cannot match. Slippery, scented, and smooth, discover why bar soaps are back with a bang. Here are five reasons why you should consider making the switch.

1. Bar Soap is More Cost Effective

Is your body wash running out all the time? You may find that bar soap lasts longer than liquid products, especially if you use a soap dock to store it correctly and avoid mushy wastage. With liquid soap, it’s far too easy to squeeze out a little more than needed; this isn’t a problem with bars! Bar soap is also more concentrated, meaning a little will go a lot further.

2. Bar Soap Isn’t as Dirty as You Think

Bars of soap are often misrepresented as dirty. The communal feeling of bar soap gives the impression that they harbour hidden germs and bacteria; this couldn’t be further from the truth! The high pH levels in soap bars actually make it harder for germs to hang around.

3. Bar Soap Cuts Down on Plastic Waste

With the massive swing towards eco-friendly living and away from single-use plastics, more and more people are ditching bottled body wash in favour of traditional bars of soap. A study in Environmental Science & Technology determined that it takes almost 20 times more energy to produce plastic soap bottles than cardboard or paper packaging for bar soap, making our soaps the eco-friendly choice.

4. Bar Soap Contains More Nourishing Ingredients

Unlike liquid soaps, which are bulked up by water and preservatives, bars are packed full of essential oils that nourish and clean the skin. Cold-pressed soap bars keep key ingredients intact, meaning your skin can reap the cleansing and moisturising benefits of these soaps more effectively.

5. Liquid Soaps are Detergent in Disguise

Liquid soap is probably not cleaning your skin as well as you think. Don’t let the foam fool you; liquid soaps are much more in line with detergents than soap, doing more to mask odours than remove dirt and bacteria.

Liquid often uses surfactants to make that signature foam, which can dry out and irritate the skin. Not only are liquid soaps doing a poor job of cleaning your skin, but they could also be damaging it too!

It’s Time to Switch to Soap Bars

Whether it’s nostalgic beauty or a collective eco-friendly consciousness, bar soap is creeping its way back into our bathrooms. And for good reason! Get ahead of the curve and above the bar by making the switch with The Block Dock. We have a wide selection of soap and shampoo bars to choose from and bathroom accessories to ensure you get the most out of every block. Explore our collection today!