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Our Fulfilment Genie is on hols 22-28 July.

Thanks in advance for your patience.

Plastic-Free Living – How the Block Dock is Building a Sustainable Future

Plastic-free living – Eco-friendly products lined up

Plastic-Free Living – How the Block Dock is Building a Sustainable Future

Are you working towards plastic-free living? Good on ya! Whether you're just dipping your toes into sustainable living or a seasoned eco-warrior, discover some way to reduce plastic waste in your household. From switching to shampoo bars to breaking up with bottled water, we have plenty of tips to help you on your journey towards plastic-free living.

The Problem with Plastic

Plastic, the once-beloved material that revolutionised modern life, is now facing its demons. Its widespread use has resulted in severe and numerous negative environmental impacts you can't ignore. Plastic pollution is a grave threat to wildlife and ecosystems on land and in the oceans.

When plastic waste enters our landfills, it's there to stay. It takes hundreds of years to decompose, leading to long-lasting and irrevocable environmental damage. As if that weren't enough, the production of plastic contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and the depletion of non-renewable resources. It's high time we tackle the plastic waste problem head-on to safeguard our planet and the creatures that call it home.


Ways to Live a Little More Plastic-Free

Breakup with Bottled Bathroom Products

Reducing the number of bottled bathroom products you use is critical in adopting a plastic-free lifestyle. Bathrooms typically house an array of plastic items, from shower gel bottles to toothpaste tubes. You can substantially reduce household plastic waste by scaling back on these products. Consider switching to solid bar soaps, shampoo bars, and toothpaste that come in sustainable packaging. These alternatives are kinder to the environment, can streamline your routine, and save you money in the long haul.

If you’ve traditionally gone with bottled bathroom products in part because of the soggy mess that comes with bars, our innovative soap docks help you cut down on the mess along with the plastic!

Start Bringing Bags with You to the Supermarket

When you head out for your next grocery run, don't forget to grab a trusty backpack, canvas bag, or even a purse (depending on your shopping list). By doing so, you'll not only be doing your bit to save the planet, but you'll also be saving some cash. Supermarkets and stores are usually well-stocked with reusable totes, making it a wise long-term investment with a bonus: a healthier environment.

Avoid Single-Use Straws

While eliminating straws would be ideal, we understand that your gin and tonic wouldn't taste the same without one! Nowadays, there are numerous eco-friendly alternatives to straws so you can live a plastic-free lifestyle while still enjoying your favourite beverage. Opt for a compostable straw the next time you're out for dinner, and make sure you stock your cupboards with plenty of reusable straws.

Banish Bottled Water

Everyone's first step towards plastic-free living should involve ditching bottled water. It comes in a plastic container, and heaps of resources are required to extract, bottle, and ship it. We'll tell you a little secret: most bottled water is merely filtered tap water!

Get a reusable stainless-steel bottle, fill it up before leaving the house, and refill it wherever you are. Doing so will reduce your plastic use and avoid any harmful chemicals from the plastic leaking into your water.

Reusable Food Storage Containers

Say goodbye to the hassle of worrying about properly sealing your sandwich bag when packing food from home. Instead, consider using microwave-safe food storage containers with the added benefit of being reheatable. To take your plastic-free living efforts up a notch, bring your food container when dining out, so you can pack any leftovers to-go without contributing to the mountains of plastic waste.

Benefits of a Plastic-Free Lifestyle

Living plastic-free is like a breath of fresh air for our environment, health, and economy. By cutting back on plastic use, we can bid adieu to the mountains of plastic waste that plague our planet and pose a grave threat to wildlife and ecosystems. It's like giving nature a much-needed hug! On top of that, reducing plastic use positively impacts our health, as it minimises our exposure to harmful chemicals found in some plastics. And the cherry on top? It saves us some green by proving more cost-effective in the long run. We can significantly contribute to protecting our beautiful planet and ourselves with just a few small changes in our daily routine.

Start Your Plastic-Free Journey with Block Dock

Plastic-free living may seem like a colossal undertaking, but it's crucial to building a sustainable world. We can collectively reduce our plastic use by implementing little yet significant changes like transitioning to solid bar soaps, buying sustainable toothbrush holders, or waving goodbye to bottled water. Start contributing towards a plastic-free future with Block Dock.